V8 Sound Card Set
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Size (L x W x H) 55 cm x 39 cm x 8 cm
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  1. Press key for three seconds to turn on or off. The electronic sound and umlaut keys are pressed for three seconds to reset or automatically reset after pressing the number.
  2. When the lights of the six effect keys are flashing, it means that the sound card is running out of power. The lack of power will affect the sound quality. Please charge it. When there is mo power prompt during live broadcast, the emergency solution ia as follows: The charging treasure can be charged while being charged on the fly. which has little impact on the sound quality, but some charging treasures also have current noise. Most of the live noises will occur when you charge the power socket while you are plugged in. This is caused by the power supply's unstable power supply. Please be aware of this.
  3. The use of the interface to be fully inserted, the phone is equipped with a mobile phone shell, please remove the mobile phone shell, to avoid the shell against the plug, then turn the circle after two round plug. Some headsets are too sensitive and high, the sound card microphone, reverberation, high and low sounds, monitor, these volumes do not be transferred to the maximum, otherwise there will be howling,please slowly adjust to no howling.
  4. Live or recorded songs, sound card recording volume must be opened, this is the audience heard the volume and exposed volume.
  5. A single mobile phone broadcast or song it/K song, music volume must is adjusted on the phone, external input accompaniment in the sound card to adjust the music volume or accompaniment equipment to adjust.
  6. Computer broadcast or recorded songs, first computer speakers out of the computer, and then turn off the speaker power supply, sound card connected to the computer, you need to restart your computer to ensure normal operation. If the audience hears the sound of the microphone is small, please tick the computer's microphone. It is not recommended to use speakers in the live broadcast. Please use the monitor earphones and use speakers to accentuate the sound qualitythat the audience hears. If you want to sing to listen to people around you, when using the speaker, the distance between the microphone and the speaker should be further away, so as to prevent the speaker from squealing or interfering with the microphone.
  7. Every live broadcast or recorded song, test whether the sound card and equipment are connected, click on the sound effects of the sound card (applause and laughter these), can record or the audience can hear sound effects, indicating that the sound card has been connected to the device.