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  • 5A high current, fast charging protocol, with C-mount fast charging head, it can fully charge the device faster.
  • The thread is braided to wrap the body, wear-resistant and tensile without damage.
  •  A variety of charging methods, compatible with Type-C and 8PIN charging ports.
  • Voltage/current:
  • 1. A-L: 5V/2.4A
  • 2. Max: A-C: 5V/4A, 9V/2.22A, 12V/1.67A
  • 3. C-C: 5V/4A, 9V/2.22A, 12V/1.67A
  • 4. C-L: 5V/3A, 9V/2.0A, 12V/1.67A
  • Cable length: 1m
  • Wire diameter: 4.0
  • Output Interface: Micro USB, Type C, USB/DC, USB/MICRO USB
  • Input Interface: TYPE-C
  • Function: Quick Charge Support, LED digital display, PD, QC, multi-protocol fast charging
  • Private Mold: Yes
  • Type: Ultra Slim, Fast Charging, High Capacity, With Cable, PORTABLE, LED Display, LED digital display
  • Battery Type: Li-Polymer Battery, Polymer Battery
  • Brand Name: KIVEE
  • Model Number: KV-PT35D
  • Weight: 176g
  • Socket Standard: Universal
  • Protection: Over-discharging, Short Circuit Protection, Over-charging, Low Tension
  • Capacity: 10000(mAh)
  • Color: Green or Blue
  • Output: 5V/2A 5V/3A 5V/4.5A 4.5V/5A 9V/2A 12V/1.5A
  • Input: 5V/3A 9V/2A
  • USB Port: 2 Ports
  • Material: ABS
  • High Capacity, Over charge, over discharge, over current
  • Model: KV-PT56 pro
  • 22.5W multi-protocol fast charging mobile power supply, screen display
  • Material: ABS+PC plating power battery
  • Battery capacity: 3.7V/10000mAh
  • Rated power: 35.5wh
  • Rated capacity: 5600mAh
  • Output: USB-A: 5V/3A, 5V/4.5A, 4.5V/5A, 9-10V/2A, 12V/1.5A
  • Input: TYPE-C: 5V/3A-9V/2.25A-12V/1.67A
  • Net weight: 181g
  • Product size: length 81.7* width 61.1* thickness 26.8mm
  • Brand:Kivee
  • Model: KV-PT58X pro
  • Name: KIVEE Built-in line screen display powerbank supply
  • Material: ABS+PC
  • Battery capacity: 3.7V/10000mAh
  • Power: 35.5wh
  • Maximum capacity: 5600mAh
  • Output:USB-A: 5V/3A, 5V/4.5A, 4.5V/5A, 9-10V/2A, 12V/1.5A
  • Own line output: 5V2.1A (Lighting, TYPE-C, MICRO)
  • Input: TYPE-C: 5V/3A-9V/2.25A-12V/1.67A
  • Product net weight: 170g
  • Product size: 80.38mm*55.96*28.97mm
  • Brand: KIVEE
  • Model: PT78P
  • Capacity: 10000mah
  • Power: 37Wh / 3.7V
  • Built in usb-a input: 5v2a, input: 5v2a (micro), input: 5v2a (type-C), usb-a output: 5V / 2.1a, built-in output: 5v2a (apple / Android / type-C)
  • Weight: 242g
  • Product Size:  69.5*146.7*19.84mm
  • Color: Silver, Green, Blue
  • Cell Capacity: 20000mAh
  • Input Interface: Micro, Type C
  • Input Power: 5V2.4A/9V2A
  • Type C Output: 5V3A, 9V2.22A, 12V1.5A
  • USB-A1 Output: 5V4.5A, 9V2A, 12V1.5A
  • USB-A2 Output: 5V4.5A, 9V2A, 12V1.5A
  • Max Output: 5V3A
  • Product Size: 140 x 68 x 29mm
  • Weight: 342g